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As a Globally recognised Cape Town based consultancy, we work with local and international Leaders who are serious about transforming their organisations into one that innovates, leads, adapts, and delivers cost effective on time products while being an industry leader. We provide organisations with simple and effective change management best practices to continuously improve and optimise software development environments, significantly reduce business risk while closely synchronising market requirements with early feature delivery.

Our solutions cover all you’ll need to secure your position as the leader in the IT industry.

Agile Methods for SDLC Phases

Over the years companies have used many different Software Development methods from Scrum/ Agile PM, BPM/BPR, UX/UML, TDD/FIT, XP/Refactoring and Velocity /Control charts to Continuous Integration with varying levels of success.  

Considering there are so many Agile methods to use when building software, knowing which method is relevant for Planning, Analysis, Design, Build, Test, Deploy, Review can be daunting.  So which is relevant for each phase?

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